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Dear god…and Morrigan APPROVES!?


Alistair was a novice templar when Duncan recruited him into the Grey Wardens—or rescued him, as Alistair would say.

Oh, Alistair. I love how charming Alistair is. I love how he isn’t hero material. I love how he doesn’t want to rule because he was raised in an environment that punished him for taking any kind of leadership position. He’s an interesting character to me because of that. I also think he’s dreadfully charming, and oh, God, is it refreshing to see a male virgin in a video game. And you know what, I like the progression his relationship takes you through, and how if you proposition him too soon, he balks.

I also love how he loves action figures. And it is my head canon that once he is king with his Cousland queen, the two of them reenact Ferelden’s historic battles with the figurines she gets for him as little presents. In fact, I have this picture of them stark naked in a large bath (shut up, I don’t care if there are no large baths in Denerim’s palace), her on his shoulders with a toy boat in hand (I also don’t care that Ferelden doesn’t have much of a navy) zooming it around the room while he makes boat noises and declares that the Maker made the boat fly for Andraste or something.

The servants see this.

And they wonder if being a Grey Warden leaves you slightly touched, because Anora and Cailan never did things like that.

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